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Student Government

Student Government is an active and vital student organization at Alazhar School. These students become the voice of the school and are responsible in helping shape the school to a better environment. Also, students who participate in Student Government have the opportunity to develop leadership skills by organizing school activities. 
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Chess Club

The students enjoyed chess club with
Mr. Omar Durrani. They learned how to play chess and had a lot of fun playing against their friends.

Cooking Club

During our cooking club, students became junior chefs and learned how to cook and bake different foods.

Basketball Club

Basketball is a great game that is played by millions of young people in the United States and around the world. Playing basketball fosters the development of peer relationships, self-esteem, leadership qualities, and physical health.


Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week provides drug awareness to all students. "It is an opportunity to show your support for a drug free America - and to talk to your children about making healthy choices." During Red Ribbon Week students participate in various activities and we have guest speakers come in to talk to the students about the importance of staying drug free!
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Math Night

During Math Night, students take part in various mathematical activities and games. Students also try to guess the number of skittles in the jar, whoever guesses the closest to the actual amount gets to keep the candy.

Soccer Club

Our students enjoy practicing soccer as it is a great way kids can spend time with their friends or make new ones, and can grasp the concept of strategy, also players need to communicate with each other and experience teamwork to accomplish their goal.

Field Trips

It is important to provide memories for our students that could be cherished forever at Alazhar. In school with other activities, field trips have their own specific importance to provide special pleasure and serenity in tough scheduled student life. These events are a great way to get families involved with the school.

Students are the future of the nation. They are the builders of tomorrow. They are our pride, a pride that needs to be encouraged to achieve more and more. 

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