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Principal's Welcome Message,

Assalamu Alaikum Parents and Students,


The faculty and staff of Alazhar join me in welcoming you to our school.  Alhamdulillah, over the past few years our school has grown and now it has about 240 students in Grades Pre-K – 8th . At the same time, we are still determined to maintain the family oriented environment that we have promised our parents since the school’s inception 14 years ago.   We are very proud of our school and the accomplishments of our students.


Here at Alazhar School, we believe that with Allah’s (SWT) guidance, the assistance of our entire educational community, dedicated parents and community members, we will continue to produce knowledgeable, caring and well rounded Muslim students for the future.


Again, welcome to Alazhar School family where our mission continues in “Teaching our children to live, love, and learn through Islamic Values.”


Best Regards,

Dina Ibrahim,


Our Mission

Mission Statement:

"Teaching our Children to Live, Love, and Learn Through Islamic Values."

Our History

Alazhar School was established in 1996. Functioning as a part-time Islamic School, Alazhar sought to provide its youth with quality Islamic education. Our journey began with four families and less than twenty enrolled students. Over the past 17 years, Alazhar School has become a full-time accredited school and has grown to include about 120 families and over 240 students.

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